In the last 15 years and several hundred houses there is one thing that i have seen that remains a common problem – Maintenance. Product warranty is not applicable to a surface that is not properly prepared and maintained. This is where the BBP Decks comes in. I have had the pleasure of decorating some beautiful homes in my time but its sad to return for maintenance at the end of warranty period to see amazing timber surfaces deteriorated beyond repair, hence BBP Decks.

We would like to offer you a once or twice a year, depending on your surface and product, maintenance service for your timber decks, windows, outdoor garden furniture or anything else that is in need of a protective coating. We have a variety of maintenance plans available to suit your needs so you will never have to think about your timber finishes ever again…

Everyone loves the look of amazing timber Finishes without the hassle of spending your entire holiday working on it, drop us a line and we’ll tell you how it works.

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